The Power of Reinvesting

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Reinvesting earnings is a powerful tool that can help investors grow their wealth, thanks to a phenomenon called compounding. Warren Buffett once said: “My wealth has come from a combination of living in America, some lucky genes, and compound interest.”  What is compounding, and why is it so important to investors?  Well, we’re going to dig into that here.

What Is Compounding?

The simplest way of explaining compounding is that you are making returns on top of your returns.  I’ll use a simple example to help clarify:  say you make a ₦1,000,000 investment into a Peinmoney Investment package that pays 25% interest, annually, meaning you receive a ₦250000 payment in a year.  

Pretty self-explanatory, right?  Well, what happens if you reinvest your first interest payment as soon as you receive it?  Your investing base (the amount upon which you earn interest) rises from ₦1,000,000 to ₦1,250, 000 for the next year.  Now, if we multiply that by 25% (or 25% interest annual payment), you now earn ₦312,500 on your second-year interest payment.

The Power of Compounding

That extra ₦62500 may not seem like all that much, but here’s the difference that reinvesting can make over time: if you were to simply take the interest payments you received, it would take you 4 payments to double your money or 4 years. If you reinvest your earnings, it would only take you 3 years and 1month instead.


Using the power of compound interest, our investors can take advantage of this homeownership long term plan to have enough money to finance their dream homes at a budget. Below are options-

₦5m plan  
₦5,000,000 36-60 months Term at 30%
Year 1 ₦6,750,000
Year 2 ₦8,450,000
Year 3 ₦10,985,000
Year 4 ₦14,280,500
Year 5 ₦18,564,650
₦10m plan  
₦10,000,000 36-60 months Term at 35%
Year 1 ₦13,500,000
Year 2 ₦18,225,000
Year 3 ₦24,603,000
Year 4 ₦33,214,312.5  
Year 5 ₦44,839,321.9      

You combine your money with ours to embark on long term projects and we share the rewards.

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