Millennials Guide To Investing

Millennials Guide To Investing

Millennials Guide To Investing

According to statistics, millennials are scared of investing. Considering the fact that most millennials feel they still have time on their side and not getting old anytime soon. It makes it more difficult to get out of their financial comfort zone and invest their income.

Managing money is a skill and being prudent in spending comes with lots of discipline. Some questions like “can I start planning for retirement now” would never cross a millennial mind. You feel getting old is not happening anytime or you will cross the bridge when you get there. It is never too early to start planning towards retirement as a millennial or is there ever a time investing your money is not worth it. It is ok to start thinking of what investment portfolio does it for you. The best time to know what you can do that would set you up for success is now.

Ways to start planning towards your future or retirement

1: It is all about what you save

The first rule every millennial should hold dear is to save, save and save. You don’t have to wait till you are making so much money before you start saving part of your income, start the saving habit right from your first income. Study shows that millionaires saved 10-20% of their income, invest it to build their wealth. It is hard it is for someone earning so little to save but if you don’t cultivate the habit of saving when you are earning little, there is every possibility that you will forget to save before spending when your income increases. save and spend what is left not spend and save what’s left.

2: List Your Goals

You have to list your goals before investing in any investment portfolio.What kind of investment are you interested in? What kind of return are you aiming for? You have to be ambitious in your investment goals, know exactly what you want out of every investment you put your savings in. History has shown that committing to a 2-5 years long term investments is much better than short term investments. This may seem like a lifetime, especially when you’re trying to save for immediate goals like holidays, cars, etc. It is vital that you list down your investment goals before getting started.

3: Do not put all your eggs in one basket

Diversification is the key, you need to learn to diversify your portfolio. As a millennial, it is advisable that you invest your savings in long term assets, like property development investments, stocks, treasury bills, etc. These investment portfolios appreciate over a long period of time and they are very safe. Putting all your eggs in one basket helps you share your risks among several investment plans, of which the risk is always low.

4: Take Calculated Risks

As a millennial, you can make riskier investments because you have more time to make up for any wrong financial decision you make. Irrespective of how much risk you should take as an investor, you have to know how much risk you are willing to take. You must know from the beginning what you are ok with losing should anything go wrong, calculate your risk to avoid being left stranded. Never invest in any investment without understanding the short term or long term risk involved.

Dear millennials, it is never too early or too late to start planning towards your future or retirement. The best time to invest and create passive wealth is now.

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